About Mission

The mission will focus on all individuals between the age of 15 to 25 years, and has two related aims: to effectively support and encourage young individuals in fulfilling their potential and aspirations while addressing their needs and concerns, and to effectively support young people to shape their future as per their aspirations.

Mission Youth is a hand holding policy for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir with focus on "action" resulting in "tangible outcomes" so that young people and their families will benefit from the policy.

Our Vision

Young people should be respected, valued and listened to and be supported and encouraged in building fulfilling personal and social relationships and in developing their innate abilities and talents for the benefit of themselves and their society.

Aims & Objectives

Mission Youth J&K vision intends to achieve the following objectives:-
  • To positively engage the youth for overall well being within the society by making them stakeholders in the development of the country & the UT.
  • To win over the hearts and minds of all such youth who are disenchanted/disillusioned with the State and its institutions through affirmative action.
  • To prevent youngsters from being swayed into anti-social/ anti-national activities by giving them an opportunity of livelihood generation, economic growth, social recognition and systemic support, when required.
  • To combine all the efforts in the skill development among the youth.
  • To provide an institutional mechanism for psycho social support on scientific lines to the young population, especially those in minor conflict with the State.
  • To provide means of institutional social outreach to young population presently out of the social support network who are presently most vulnerable of being swayed away by anti-social/ anti-national elements.
  • To provide a platform for engagement with the parents of such youngsters who have been or prospectively would come in conflict with law.