Jammu & Kashmir is bestowed with a predominantly young population with about 69 % of the population being below the age of 35 years. At the same time, J&K has also got a fair share of typical youth concerns like unemployment, financial insecurity and youth distress, which is one of the major challenges acting as a roadblock in its overall development. Pertinently, J&K has an unemployment rate higher than the national average of 13.8%. Many other issues like drug addiction, juvenile delinquencies beleaguering the youth are intertwined with unemployment and lack of avenues of constructive engagement for the youth.
The Government of J&K has taken many initiatives to boost employment avenues and to engage with the youth. But implementation of these government schemes and initiatives is scattered between various departments. Due to lack of concerted efforts in youth engagement and outreach, desired results on youth development have remained elusive so far. In order to provide a platform for holistic implementation of all youth engagement and outreach initiatives, to bring synergy and efficacy in the efforts of various government departments working for youth development and to bring the interests and empowerment of youth to the centre of policy making, government of Jammu & Kashmir conceived a pioneering initiative -